LUA Gobs

When in Lua you can access a table called gobs. Its there from the start and it is updated on request. It is however not a natural Lua table but build from various function calls into the Infomancer environment. For this reason the gobs table can not always be treated like a normal Lua table would be.

The GOB table in lua

There is a raw GOB table available in Lua a few noted it’s not a natural Lua table (as in it is embedded into the working memory of the application so it stays up to date with each change. The downside is it doesn't always work with some Lua behavior's so if you want s snap shot of the data you can use the Table module to make a string copy and then load that.
local table=require("tables") local newGobs=load("return " .. table.tostring(gobs,"","",""))()
Don’t overwrite the gobs object that will lead to unexpected behavior.