Infomancer Forge

Infomancer Forge

Infomancer Forge is a tool for data design and capture. You decide how data should be shaped and how it connects. Infomancer Forge gives you a typical grid way to manage your data but also a visual map of data that makes it easier to see how your pieces of data tie together into a map.
We found a need ourselves when building games to have amore visual way to look at the data. From designing story flows and dialog to levels with encounters and monsters. It’s just so much easier when you can visualize how everything connects and interacts then to have to imagine it all in a spread sheet.
The example below is out Infomancer Forge project for managing the Plugins data.

Define Data

notion image

Capture Data

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Model Data

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How do I use it

Below are some links to data on how you can use Infomancer Forge to build data for your games.

What can it be used for

This is a tool we found we needed while building Dumbest Dungeons (A JAM game we did last year). At it’s heart its a flexible data organizer that facilitates shaping, capturing and then visualizing the game data.
The product allows you to define your own data structures. How they relate and then to capture that data.
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Visualize and editing the data in a mind map way allows you to see how things tie together at a glace.
Export to json or lua or build your own customized exporter for your own platform. The solution is flexible so it can easily fit whatever your game’s data needs are..


  • Design you own Data Structures.
  • Capture data in a form or visual view.
  • See how data relates in visualized data views.
  • Customize exports and data behavior with scripts.


  • Dialogs
  • Quests
  • Monsters
  • Inventory
  • Skills
  • Levels
  • Shops
  • Cards
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Where can you get it

Currently this tool is in alpha. There are known bugs and features that we still working on. However if you happy to work with a tool in it’s early stages and give feedback about the issues you have and features you would like you can get it on or download it from below.

Download raw windows version

We added this version as the installer we published on Itch has caused some issues with some users. The installer is the preferred way to use the tool. But should that fail you can just download and unzip the files here.

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