Beta Update Plugin Manager 20 Aug 2023

Beta Update Plugin Manager 20 Aug 2023

Plugin Manager Completed

Since Infomancer forge is very extendable via Plugins it is important to make plugin management easy and convenient.


We now have an online plugin catalog as well as some of the basic starting Plugins uploaded.
notion image
This allows you to install or remove plugins. Will automatically install dependencies too.

Infomancer Forge Plugin catalog.

To maintain a catalog of plugins we created an Infomancer forge project where we maintain the version and dependencies.
notion image
The plugin Gob was designed to include a child back to plugin's to list dependencies.
notion image
Captured data for the current Plugins. We didn't feel the need to create a View of this as the dependencies are pretty basic for now.
These projects Json output is directly used by the tool as the plugin catalog. Eventually we would like to write a custom script to package and upload then from within the tool.


Next we will be tackling some quality of life items and some Scripting issues to make scripting more informative when things don't work.