Beta RC2 Mac and Linux

Beta RC2 Mac and Linux

This is a stable release candidate build of Infomancer Forge. Enhancements are stability, ease of use and some new key functionality.


  • Reordering of Array Items (Including GOBS References/Embedded)
  • Better Lua Error handling and reporting
  • Tree View rename files and folders
  • MAC and Linux executables


We need to be able to reorder arrays of items. Especially if there are linked GOB Instances. For the Dialog example we need to be able to choose which Choice is first second and so on.

Reordering in View

notion image
As can been seen from above dragging from the order number on the connector to the one you want to swap with reorders the list.

Reordering in GOB Instance Editor

notion image
You can edit the order in the properties of a Gob instance on either the View or the Gob Instance editor. In both cases both will be updated.
Editing here also works for all arrays element types.

Better Errors Handling

Building Lua plugins is hard and without decent error handling it's nearly impossible (or at the very least infuriating). We have added better error handling and recovery. In the example below we change the name of a module so it no longer will be included and when we edit the code to the new name the error recovers.
Also we show the error's in the tree view of the project.
notion image

Rename and Deleting

We have added the basic functionality of renaming and deleting files in the View.
notion image

Mac and Linux

Lastly we have included the Java jar executable build for users that want to run it from Java directly. You will need the JDK 19 or later.
We don't anticipate any large enhancements between this build and the final Beta release. We keeping an eye open for bugs of course and some small quality of life issues.

What's Next

Next we plan to build the Dialog sample project in Unity and Javascript that uses Infomancer Forge to edit the Dialogs. This sample will be available as a plugin to give am example of how to use the tool to build things. The goal is to give a solid base you can develop to suit your own games specific needs.
Don't forget to give us feedback here or in discord. It's only with your help we can make this Infomancer Forge better.