Beta RC 1 Releases 28 Aug 2023

Beta RC 1 Releases 28 Aug 2023

After several months work we can now release the first Beta candidate. This includes many features we trust you will find useful. Primarily.
  • Exporting c# classes to Unity to load your project.
  • Plugin manager so you can install specific plug-in into your project.
  • A sample Dialog engine plugin that gives a good starting point for a dialog project.
  • Far better scripting management.
  • Fewer (hopefully a lot fewer) bugs.


After a fair bit of deliberation we are going to keep Infomancer Forge free (with donations should any of you wish to buy us coffee for those late hours)
We ask that you support us in the following ways.
  • Test the tool and give us feedback on issues or bugs you experience.
  • Suggest features you might want to see so we can make the tool better.
  • Get involved on discord to discuss it with us and help each other.
  • Build some plugins you find useful and add those to the catalog (This is a manual process for now please ask on Discord should you want to get involved).


Plugins are now managed online and have version of their own. Also dependencies so that they will include plugin's and modules they need to function.
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Sample Dialog system

This is meant to be a basic dialog you can use to create your own.
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The dialogs include a Conversation or source. Dialogs and choices. Additionally it includes a General game and events for triggering and for limiting what is available when.

Export configuration

To make exporting of data more useful it is not customizable per project.
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Export to Unity

Generally we export to Json but we have also included exporting to Unity. This will create the c3 classes for each of your Gob's and the general script to download the full exported data. Other game engines will be considered as we get more requests for each.
The c# scripts are built from templates you can also configure for your project.
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Sample c# Game Object class for Dialog

using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; using Newtonsoft.Json; namespace InformancerForge { public class Dialog : GOBInstance { public readonly string text; public readonly Choice[] choices; public readonly string actionLua; public readonly bool fallThrough; public Dialog(JsonReader reader) { while (reader.Read()) { if (reader.TokenType == JsonToken.EndObject) { break; } if (reader.TokenType == JsonToken.PropertyName) { switch (reader.Value) { case "text": text = ReadString(reader); break; case "choices": List<Choice> arrayChoice = new List<Choice>(); for (reader.Read(); reader.TokenType != JsonToken.EndArray;) { reader.Read(); if (reader.TokenType == JsonToken.StartObject) { arrayChoice.Add(new Choice(reader)); }else { // error break; } } choices=arrayChoice.ToArray(); break; case "actionLua": actionLua = ReadString(reader); break; case "fallThrough": fallThrough = ReadBool(reader); break; default: //error break; } } } } } }

List of all items added since last build

  • Project refreshing from Drive
  • Various quality of life improvements to the Lua plugins.
  • Plugin manager.
  • Memory improvements on how we handle memory.
  • View GOB connects spacing improved.
  • Collapsible view connectors.
  • Improvements to capturing array elements.
  • Enhancements to search.
  • Configurable plugin screens and scripts.
  • Export improvements.
  • Exporting to Unity c# classes.
  • Exporting classes now templated and configurable per project.
Beta RC 2 Including Mac and Linux
Beta RC 2 Including Mac and Linux