Vision and Strategy

Vision and Strategy

🧭 Mission

Build games that tell stories, entertain people and enrich their lives.

🔍 Vision

Our vision is to giving people experiences that make them happy and leave them with fond memories of the time they spent.

⚖️ Work Values

These are the values we need focus on when doing our work. This doesn’t mean other values don’t matter but when we are doing something these values should be considered first.


Of primary importance is delivery. We can not grow, learn or even have something without delivery.


Taking ownership means that the work you do is yours. You do it with the full understanding that you can make it better lean into your skills and in a way that you brought something of yourself to the work.


This does not mean being in trouble because things are late or broken. This means seeing they will be late or broken and raising that as a concern so we can all participate in resolving the issue.

🗣️ Communication Values

These are the values we use when we are talking to each other and to customers.

Honesty with Compassion

When we are talking to people we need to show both compassion and honesty. These are two qualities that only work if applied together.
Honesty without compassion is cruel and compassion without honesty is manipulative.

We are not our work

We care about our work and the quality but if the work is being criticized we are not.
In reverse if we are being critical of work we should keep the criticism to constructive and only about the work itself.

Listen to understand

When we are listening especially to something that makes us uncomfortable such as feedback or criticism, we need to listen with the intention of understanding. Not with the intention of countering.
This does not mean all criticism is valid, but the persons perspective can lead to a better understanding.